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How do I stop receiving emails regarding postings

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How do I stop receiving emails regarding postings from forums in the eLearning Centre?

There are two ways to stop receiving emails about forum postings. Both steps require you to log into the eLearning Centre ( first.

1 . Go to the course you want stop receiving emails from

2 . Click on the forum you want to stop receiving emails from. Click the Gear icon at the upper right side of the page, below the "Search forums" button

3 . Click Unsubscribe from this forum to prevent getting emails from forum postings in that forum in the future

For some forums such as Course News and Announcements you will always receive an email as these are reserved for important news regarding your course.

To turn off all emails about ALL forum posts:

1 . Click your name in the top right corner of the eLearning Centre and then click "Preferences"

2 . Then click "Notification preferences" at the bottom of the list under "User account"

3 . Scroll down to the Forum section, and in the "Subscribed forum posts" and "Subscribed forum digests" rows, find the Email columns on the far right, click the "On" for Online and Offline so both show "Off".

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