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Why does paying with a credit card not work - Knowledgebase / Cancer Chat - de Souza Institute Help Center

Why does paying with a credit card not work

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Why does paying with a credit card not work?

Some of the common issues that may cause problems when paying with credit card are listed below:

1 . Double check that you have entered the correct card number, expiration date and credit card verification code (CCV, the 3 numbers on the back or front of the card) correctly in the form. Any error will cause your credit card to be refused.

2 . Make sure your card has not expired and has enough credit limit left on it for the amount you are attempting to charge.

3 . If you have successfully paid for a course and are having issues paying for a second course that costs the same amount, on the same day, using the same credit card, you may be running into an anti-fraud system, duplicate transaction protection. Please contact us in this case

4 .
Check with your credit card company to see if they have put restrictions on your card for security reasons. Sometimes a credit card company may restrict usage of your card if you are using it in a new way or place you have not used it before to protect you from fraud.

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