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Why do I need a manager’s approval for some courses

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Why do I need a manager’s approval for some courses?

The de Souza Institute’s Chemotherapy and Biotherapy course is geared towards nurses working in chemo administration settings. Some of our programs require a day of in-class presence, which means a day away from their unit for most participants. Asking for your manager’s support will help you pre-plan and ensure that you will be able to take the necessary time away from your workplace with minimal disruption and allows us to verify you are working in a chemo administration setting.

RPNs may be able to enroll in the Chemotherapy and Biotherapy course as per the guidance document from Cancer Care Ontario “Role of RNs and RPNs in Ambulatory Systemic Treatment” version 1.0-17/01/2022. Manager’s support and approval is similarly required.

During the registration process, you will be asked to provide your manager’s name and email address. Your manager will then receive a follow-up confirmation email from the Institute. Once your manager confirms his or her identity and provides consent, a de Souza Institute staff member will approve your participation in the course.

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