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Tax receipt or T2202/T2202A Tuition

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Tax receipt or T2202/T2202A Tuition and Enrolment Certificate Frequently Asked Questions

If you have paid more than $100 and taken courses with us in 2017 or later, your Tuition and Enrolment Certificate (T2202/T2202A form) for each tax year is available for you to access by the end of February when you login to If you have paid for your course out of your own pocket, you can use these certificates when filing your taxes to receive a tax credit for course fees you had paid.

Please note that the tax certificate is issued to the enrolled person (the person who actually took the course, not the person that paid). The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) has information on how to claim tuition fee tax credits including eligibility if you were reimbursed or the fees were paid by someone else.

The Canadian Revenue Agency (CRA) has general information about Students and income tax and has a telephone line for enquiries.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why did I not receive a Tuition and Enrolment certificate for this year?

  • We issue certificates for each calendar year before the end of February of the following year. Notifications about them are sent out over several days, so if you have not received one yet please wait until the last week of February before reaching out to us.

  • We do not issue certificates if you paid less than $100 in tuition fees in the calendar year or if you used an access code from a $10,000 or larger group purchase

  • If you paid in December or the fall for a course that starts in January or some other time in the coming year, you won't receive the tax certificate until the year after. For example, if you paid for a course in December 2022 and the course starts in January 2023, you would receive the tax certificate in February 2024. Per the CRA Income Tax Guide:  "The eligible tuition fees should be based on the calendar year the course was taken and not the year the fees were paid.”

Can I get a Tuition and Enrolment certificate for courses taken before 2017 (2016 or earlier)?

  • Any courses taken with us before 2017 are not eligible for tax credits as we obtained our certification from Employment and Social Development Canada only as of 2017.

Why do you ask for my Social Insurance Number?

How do I submit my Social Insurance Number securely?

How do I access the certificate?

Can I claim tuition fees if my employer or someone else paid?

What do I do if my address on the form is incorrect?

  • You can submit your taxes to the CRA even if the address on the form is incorrect as you don’t actually submit the T2202 certificate with the tax return. You only need to produce it if requested by Revenue Canada. If you want to update your address in our system for future certificates, please go to: myAccount -> Profile -> Edit

Why do I have a number listed under part-time months column?

  • Depending on the length of your course and the province you are filing taxes in, you may be eligible to claim education credits for the number of months you were enrolled, based on the course you took and it's length. See the Income tax package for information specific to your province.

Why are some part-time months on another line with no tuition fees or why are they missing completely for courses I started near the end of a year?

  • For courses starting near the end of a period (for example starting a 3 month course at the end of April), the part-time months that overflow are displayed in the next period. Months that flow over into the next year are not displayed on this year's tax certificate. You can see an example calculation in our t2202a session periods help article.


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