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Maintaining your de Souza Designation

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Maintaining your de Souza Designation

Once the Designation is achieved, it is expected that designates maintain their Designation through the completion of 100 hours or more of continuing educational activities every five years. The requirements include participation in educational activities within the Institute (minimum 30 hours), with additional activities outside of the Institute.

Some of educational activities that can be considered include: taking a course/workshop; leading a workshop or co-facilitate a de Souza course; presenting at  a conference; participating in a practice council/committees or submitting an article for journal publication.

How to prepare your documents

To track the learning hours, you could use the CNA tracking sheet, the same one that you use towards your CON(C) or CHPCN(C) renewal.

You could also create your own tracking sheet, with the following categories:

  • Date (FROM mm/dd/yy TO mm/dd/yy)

  • Learning activities (i.e., courses, workshops, conference presentations etc)

  • Provider of the learning activities

  • Number of learning hours.

In terms of how to convert various activities into learning hours, CNA has a well described reference guide.  Please find the description using the link:

Ready to renew your Designation?

You can apply for your Designation renewal by filling out the designation maintenance form.

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