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Maintaining Chemotherapy Competency

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Maintaining Chemotherapy Competency

In accordance with the CCO's 2021 position statement on Systemic Cancer Treatment Administration: Initial and Continuing Competency Standards for RNs, all nurses administering systemic parenteral therapy to patients with cancer, regardless of setting, should attain theoretical knowledge as well as maintain their competence on a regular basis.  Therefore, nurses who take the de Souza Chemotherapy Competency Maintenance Course (CCMC) should follow the maintenance cycle every 12 to 24 months.

The Chemotherapy Competency Maintenance Course (CCMC) is a self-paced course that is designed for nurses who have already completed the Provincial Standardized Chemotherapy and Biotherapy (PSCB) course.

The CCMC course is much shorter than the PSCB course and reviews core competencies in the assessment, order verification process, administration and safe handling, management of adverse events and toxicities, and nursing intervention in oral chemotherapy. Furthermore, CCMC highlights Cancer Care Ontario recent recommendations, new updates and new therapies.

In order to assist with knowledge application in practice, CCMC includes several reflective practice tools which are consistent with the College of Nurses of Ontario‚Äôs annual Quality Assurance Program and CANO/ACIO standards.  Nurses can use these tools for the annual portfolio submission to the college, and for organization based performance review or professional development measures.

By taking the CCMC course, nurses will demonstrate that they have kept up to date with the latest treatment guidelines and directives from Cancer Care Ontario.

Nurses going on an extended leave of absence (i.e. maternity leave, sick leave) must contact a de Souza Institute educator or support team at least 3-4 months prior to the leave, where possible, for advice.

Nurses who wait longer than 24 months from the initial PSCB completion or last successful CCMC completion will not be accepted into the CCMC course. Instead, they will be asked to re-take the full PSCB course to attain the knowledge necessary for the safe and effective delivery of chemotherapy and biotherapy intervention.

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