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I did not receive an expected email

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I did not receive an expected email from de Souza Institute.

Automated emails, like a Password Recovery request or a New Account creation email, are sent out within a few minutes of the request being received.  If you did not receive an expected email, try one or more of the following solutions:

Solution 1: Check junk, spam and 'Other' email folders
Search your junk or spam email folders for the email from de Souza Institute. Sometimes important emails are mistakenly put into these folders automatically by your email provider. If you are using Outlook or Hotmail, check your 'Other' Inbox, as it may not show up in the 'Focused' one. 

Solution 2: Verify your email address
If you never received any email communication from us, you may have provided us with an incorrect email address. Please contact us at with your full name and correct email address to resolve this issue.  

Solution 3: Wait for the email to arrive
Emails may get delayed for various reasons and for service provider downtimes.  Most email delays are resolved within 24 hours. If you made a support request online, most requests get resolved via email within two business days.  

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